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Sketchbook of Secrets and Shame

Written and illustrated by Scott Bateman
Word Riot Press
176 pages, $12.00
ISBN: 0977934306

Ten one-sentence reviews of Scott Bateman's new book, Scott Bateman's Sketchbook of Secrets and Shame:

  • Finally, a Love Is... cartoon for the irony-overdosed slacker in your apartment complex!

    This and below cartoons ©2006 Scott Bateman


  • If growing up in a multimedia information bath has left you convinced that you've seen everything, then you've probably already read this book without realizing it.
  • In the future, everyone will create parodies of cartoon licensing juggernauts, just like Crack Panda... oh wait, that's already happened...
  • It's like An Evening at the Improv, only without the commercial breaks and nods to Baby-Boomer sensibilities!


  • I have no idea what that last sentence means, but it sure sounds knowing and smirky, doesn't it?
  • You have to respect political humor that openly acknowledges its creator to have taken maybe thirty seconds tops to think about the point he's trying to make.
  • Wait, it's possible to make humor out of droll references to bad pop music and sell the results to publishers...?


  • My greatest fear is that ten years after the last Mary Worth fan dies and editors at last feel safe in totally revamping the funny pages, the new comic strips will all read just like these -- and I'll be nodding my head in approval.
  • Who the hell is Maggie Gyllenhall, and why are multiple cartoons about people trying to get her in the sack considered humorous?
  • Despite knowing better, I found several cartoons in this book amusing.


This essay appeared on the then-website of The Comics Journal sometime between 2006 and 2008.


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