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Dork #11

Written and illustrated by Evan Dorkin
Slave Labor Graphics
24 pages, $2.95

After reading Evan Dorkin's new, all-gag-strip issue of Dork, the first thing I thought was, "I liked it, but how am I possibly going to review it?"

The second thing I thought was, "Hey, why don't I sort of mimic the comic's format by writing my review in a series of one-sentence paragraphs?"

The third thing I thought was, "Let's see -- it's jam-packed with gags, many of them funny gags, and despite being just 24 pages it actually takes a while to read it."


The above two bursts of wacky hijinks come to you courtesy of Dork #11, ©2006 Evan Dorkin.


The fourth thing I thought was, "I should probably mention that pop-culture junkies will get more of the jokes, but lots of them could easily be enjoyed by your more media-illiterate friends, as well."

The fifth thing I thought was, "This is a stupid idea for a review; I bet I won't be able to keep it up for more than five sentences even if I do use dashes and semi-colons to cheat the concept."

And I was pretty much right.


This essay appeared on the then-website of The Comics Journal sometime between 2006 and 2008.


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