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One Through the Groin
Excerpt from ¡Journalista! for October 9, 2006
(Note: Red text indicates a dead link.)


"I suppose you think I killed Gene Day."
- Forner Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter,
as allegedly spoken to Andrew J. Mansell


Andy Mangels offers a rundown on Marvel Comics' laughable attempts to take all sides of the gays-in-comics subject simultaneously, and the recent ill fortune suffered by some gay and lesbian characters in recent comics. Alas, he loads his arguments ill-advisedly in a couple of places — as the very image he reproduces demonstrates, the almost-a-character Freedom Ring meets his demise via a gazillion spikes piercing every last part of his body, so gilding the lilly with "including one through the groin/butt" actually strikes me as a deceptive attempt to insinuate sexual mutilation on the part of the book's creators, despite the fact that none seems implied by the image itself. Furthermore, nobody's been tortured yet in Young Avengers/Runaways, despite Mangels' statement to the contrary. As I said a week ago: It's a cliffhanger. They do that in these sorts of comics.

It's nice to see representatives of the gay community sticking up for themselves, but given how richly Marvel deserves the opprobrium they've received for past policies and public statements, including such dodgy arguments in his essay only gives Mangels' opponents a quick way to refute him, and makes him look vaguely disreputable in the process. This, in case you were wondering, is how you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. While I might quibble with the importance of the "three queers in a dungeon" pseudo-controversy, I'd certainly be the first to note that Marvel is overall in the wrong on this issue, and have gone out of their collective way to look like complete (unspiked) asses. You don't need to prevaricate to win this one, Andy. Stick to the facts.


Above, right: Freedom Ring gets sexually tortured — oh, wait, no he doesn't, he just gets killed — in this panel from Marvel Team-Up #24, ©2006 Marvel Characters, Inc.; link via Lyle Masaki.


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