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He's French, of Course Marvel Made Him Gay
Excerpt from ¡Journalista! for October 2, 2006
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"It's entirely possible that gay and lesbian comics bloggers outnumber the rest of you at this point, and with a little fore-planning our coming coup could crush you all beneath our lavender boots and completely change the face of comics blogging forever."
- Dorian Wright,
giving away the game before
we've actually had a chance to take over


Okay, look: I realize that Marvel's response to the whole "No gays whoops I mean we love the gays" controversy has been amusingly pathetic from start to finish. I got into an email exchange with a gay comics writer complaining about all this over the weekend, which alerted me to the fact that the Rawhide Kid was rather clumsily stuffed back into the closet in a recent issue of The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe (which I didn't know) and additionally that Moon Knight's sidekick Frenchie was now gay (which I also didn't know, and naturally left me thinking, "He's French, of course Marvel made him gay"). Okay, the House That Jack Built has no credibility on the issue whatsoever, granted. Name me three on which they do have credibility.

All that said: Look, it's a cliffhanger, okay? Last panel in the book, "to be continued," all that jazz? It's a cheesy superhero book, and all cheesy superhero books end in cheesy cliffhangers where Our Hero is in a Terrible Fix. That's how it works. If you really want gay characters in your cheesy superhero books, you're going to find yourself reading lots of cheesy little bits like this, so I suggest you get used to it. If they kill off or permanently maim their few remaining gay characters next month, we'll all get to point out what homophobic dorks they are all over again, GLAAD will undoubtedly issue one of their manymanymany disapproving action alerts, someone at Marvel will crawl on his belly in contrition to the press, and the reset button will get us all ready for yet another round the month after that. Sounds like great fun to me! In the meantime, keep your powder dry and wait to see what happens before you begin with the tsk-tsks.

Besides, the really obnoxious part of that panel is the way it demonstrates, once again, that your average superhero artist has no conception whatsoever of the relationship between female breasts and gravity. Why complain about the possibility of anti-gay bias when you have artistic incompetence to mock in the meantime? Priorities, man.


Above, right: The offending panel from Young Avengers/Runaways #3 — boogie woogie woogie! — ©2006 Marvel Characters, Inc.


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