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Praise for ¡Journalista!



"And lastly, the best news in comics is that Dirk Deppey's ¡Journalista! blog is back..."


"Two new sites are now on my morning reading list each day: Dirk Deppey's ¡Journalista! and Egon."
- Scott McCloud,
posted to his homepage on November 5, 2002


"I enjoy reading Dirk's daily (daily!) ¡Journalista! weblog of news items and entries very much, and recommend it heartily to you folks out there in comic book land who are interested in something a little more meatier than 'Hulk turns grey again, middle aged fans cream sweatpants in parents basements.' Click that clicker at http://www.tcj.com/journalista/ and tell them a talking monkey sent you."


"I'm not much for blogs, but the best comics news site on the web turns out to be a blog: The Comics Journal's ¡Journalista!. If you haven't been reading it, you're missing out."
- Steven Grant,
from his Permanent Damage column


"For news, the most exhaustive blog is Dirk Deppey's ¡Journalista!."


"The folks at The Comics Journal have set up a clever and informative weblog, manned by Dirk Deppey and covering the world of comic books, comic strips, graphic novels and such. You can visit ¡Journalista! (as they call it) by clicking here."


"LOGROLLING IN THE 21ST CENTURY: The Comics Journal's Dirk Deppey has his very own newsy daily blog. Every day! Christ almighty! You're making my head hurt, Dirk, but it's a great read."


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